MultiChef® 5500

  • The MultiChef 5500 is a high speed / rapid cook oven, equipped with four separate timers and four standard cooking racks, so you can cook a variety of foods simultaneously.
  • The sealed cooking chamber allows MultiChef to operate without a hood and venting system.
  • A unique combination of convection, direct infrared and Rotary Air Impingement® means you can cook, toast, melt, bake and reheat items without sacrificing food quality.
  • With a total 650 square inches of cooking space you can beef up your bottom line by serving more customers, quickly and efficiently.
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Company NameMTI
Model NameMulti Chef
Model Number5500
Measurement W x D x H (mm)533.4 x 806.5 x 644.5
Phase Single
Weight 88 kg