Popcorn Machine Dealers

Gourmet Popcorn Equipment in India

Made with the finest corn kernels sourced from the world’s finest corn-producing fields, Kitchenrama offers gourmet popcorn in various varieties. From the favorites like butter salted, caramel, cheese, and chocolate to experimental varieties like Sriracha, Mexican herbs, and Lichi – you name it, and we can make it.

We have been the industry leader for the last three decades with over 99.9% market share in cinema popcorn. Kitchenrama’s gourmet popcorn machines are the most premium machines and equipment available all over India. We are the exclusive partners of GOLD MEDAL, USA, which is the world leader in popcorn machines and supplies. From small retail poppers to big cinema poppers, we have a wide range of poppers to choose from. Our caramelators and popcorn warmers are also top-of-the-line. We also supply flavors, oils, and pre-mixes to prepare your gourmet popcorn. Call us today to find the perfect machine for your business!