Commercial Popcorn Maker in India

Commercial Popcorn Machines Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

Kitchenrama caters a wide range of popcorn machines, equipment and flavours to multiplexes, food courts, small shops across India. We are preferred vendors to Gold Medal Products, one of the leading popcorn equipment and supplies company in the world. From trading equipment to plant set up for flavoured popcorns and its supplies, we provide you with end to end material.

Why choose us?
1. Our equipment is easy to use and maintain.
2. Requires low electricity.
3. Digital temperature control.
4. Complete stainless steel body.
5. Easy spare parts and after sales service.
6. Why prefer Gold Medal popcorn machines?

E-Z Kleen Kettle Gold Medal poppers carry easy to clean stainless steel kettles. Cleaner kettles make better tasting popcorn. Cleaner kettles sell more popcorn! Larger, more powerful drive motors are a way of life in Gold Medal poppers.

Brute Force Motor: Larger, more powerful drive motors are a way of life in Gold Medal poppers. From the smallest Titan to the Cornado, you’ll find motors 33% if not 50% more powerful than the competition.

TWIN ARM KETTLE SUSPENSION All Gold Medal machines feature the double hung, twin arm kettle suspension — the ultimate in operator safety. No accidental oil spills and more working room in the cabinet.

World’s First Stainless Steel Kettle! A stainless steel cook surface with aluminum heat diffuser produces better popcorn. Stainless steel kettle lasts years longer than chrome plated. Stainless steel kettle available 6 oz., 8 oz., 12/14 oz., and 16/18 oz. machines.

PopClean – What is PopClean™? It’s a new, “clean air discharge” option. The three stage filter in Pop-O-Gold and Medallion machines is very effective, but only the PopClean™ removes virtually 100% of all oil vapors, virtually 100% of all steam and smoke. The aroma of freshly popping corn purposely “escapes” to build popcorn sales.

Fire Suppression Theatres, arenas and stadiums need the protection that comes from fire suppression. The Gold Medal Fire Suppression System costs about $3,000 per machine, installed, setup and tested versus costly vent hoods and fire drops.

Which Popper Is Right for Me?

Here at Gold Medal, we design our equipment to be user-friendly, making it easy, efficient and cost-effective to implement at any location. But how do you know which popper is right for you? Here are 6 questions you
need to ask yourself before you go to purchase a popper. Then check out Gold Medal’s popper category selections to see which popper is right for you.

How will the popper be used — what venue? – Will it be used at a school concession stand, office, bar, fundraiser, carnival, stadium, zoo, cinema, etc.?
Who will be operating the popper? – Volunteers, adults, young adults, bartender, seasonal help?
How many servings of popcorn do you need to make in 1 hour?
How much space do you have for the popper? – Does it need to fit on a counter/does it need to be a floor model?
How much electric is available? – 15 amp, 20 amp, 30 amp, etc.?
Who will be responsible for