SCC 202

  • Self Cooking Centre. HUGE VARIETY
  • At the touch of a button  iCooking Control uses sensors to detect the size of the food and the load size.
  • No need to supervise food
  • Access all of your stored recipes at the touch of a button.
  • HEALTHY – Tasty & Safe. All types of breaded products can be produced without additional fat (eg chicken, fish, french fries, wedges, nuggets or other deep fried foods).
  • Upto 95% less fat and upto 40% less calories! Plus maximum preservation of vitamins and minerals as food is cooked in the ideal climate.
  • After each clean your SelfCookingCentre 5 Senses is hygienically clean without any physical effort.
  • Special scale-dissolving ingredients even prevent limescale, so there is no more expensive water softeners and it reduces costly service calls.
  • Also available in gas model
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Company NameRational
Model NameCombi Oven
Model NumberSCC 202
Capacity20 x 2/1 GN
Electric Weight346 Kg
Gas Weight 374 Kg