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Commercial Refrigerator Equipment Supplier & Manufacturer in India

Choosing the appropriate commercial freezer is not only important for increasing the productivity of your business but also for improving the overall quality of the food you serve. Commercial freezers are considerably different from the freezers found in most homes. Your clients will be safer from illnesses that are caused by ingesting contaminated food if you have a high-quality refrigerator.

Types of commercial refrigeration

Reach-in Freezers/Coolers: These are the freezers that have glass doors, solid doors, half doors, etc. The doors are designed in a manner that helps in optimizing the storage of food capacity, ensuring to keep the food easy to access regardless of the volume.

Walk-In Refrigerators: These refrigerators are considered to be fairly large and also insulated. These enclosed spaces are primarily used for storing frozen foods and other perishable goods.

Under Counter Refrigerators: These refrigerators are designed to fit beneath the counters and also between the cabinets which help in storing wine, extra food, beverages, etc.

VISI Coolers/Freezers, often known as Display Refrigerators: These are used for cooling the products and maintaining the temperature range between 1-10 degrees.

Cost/price of commercial refrigerator

The term “commercial refrigeration equipment” refers to the refrigeration and cold storage appliances utilized in commercial environments. You will need one of these if you manage grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, or speciality food stores. Commercial refrigeration equipment includes walk-in refrigerators and freezers in restaurant equipment and cafeterias. These refrigerators and freezers are used for storing large quantities of perishable food. As a matter of convenience and for food safety, commercial refrigeration removes heat while maintaining the cold temperature of prepared foods and meal ingredients.

Kitchenrama provides the best quality commercial refrigerators ranging between ₹45,300 – ₹68,000 per piece

Brands of commercial refrigerator

Kitchenrama provides a wide range of brands for commercial refrigerators. We also include the top five brands, that are:

1. Turbo Air – Industrial Fridges & Freezers
2. IKON – Refrigeration
3. Brema
4. Atosa
5. iBeeCool

Commercial refrigerator for restaurant

Products for commercial refrigeration and ice machines are available from all of today’s most reputable brands, including Grand, TechnoTherm, and others, when purchased from Kitchenrama. We have something that can assist you in keeping up with demand and addressing the specific issues that you face daily, regardless of the sort of food service business that you own and operate. If you are limited on room, we carry a variety of countertop refrigerators, blast chillers, and freezers that are tiny in size. If you’re looking for something on the roomier side, we have a wide range of commercial refrigerators and freezers in store, ranging from single-door units up to spacious triple-door refrigerators to accommodate a variety of price points and amounts of available floor space. We also have a diverse selection of ice makers that are built to accommodate a variety of settings, including versions that are meant to go beneath benches, on benches, or freestanding on floors. All of our products can be purchased at rates that are as low as humanly possible.

Commercial refrigerator for milk shop

We provide commercial milk cooler refrigerators to several different establishments, including cafeterias in schools and camps as well as milk shops, which are used to store milk. In commercial milk refrigerators, the interior space can be configured to hold either whole crates of milk or individual cartons stacked one on top of the other. Even when the doors are opened for service, the milk containers are kept at the correct chilled temperature of 33 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit by a blanket of cold air. Milk coolers used in commercial settings are designed to resist high temperatures and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Commercial refrigerator for fruits and vegetables

As a leading brand in the field of commercial refrigeration, Kitchenrama Refrigeration offers a diverse selection of products across its product line. The Kitchenrama Manufacturing Company, which is well-known across the world for its dedication to producing items of the highest possible quality and in a manner that is environmentally responsible, provides a variety of refrigeration options. On our website, you may discover any piece of Kitchenrama equipment that you are looking for at reasonable costs. This includes a Kitchenrama Underbar Refrigeration as well as a Kitchenrama Beverage Cooler. In addition, you can find hundreds of award-winning KitchenramaRefrigeration restaurant supplies right here on Chef’s Deal!

Commercial refrigerator for cold drinks ice cream shop

By putting your food items on display in a refrigerator, you can increase the number of impulse purchases made in your convenience store, supermarket, deli, or gas station. These units are meant to maintain the freshness and temperature of a wide variety of items, including beverages, salads, snacks, parfaits, meats, and even flowers. Find the ideal commercial display refrigerator for your little or large space by selecting from a variety of products that vary in dimensions, designs, and storage capacity. Our company offers our clients the most cutting-edge electronic locking solutions now available for hotels, such as locking technology that is compatible with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), as well as a variety of cutting-edge and fashionable electronic hotel locks.