Wood Fired Pizza Ovens


Cooking in wood-fire ovens is a traditional practice and a popular technique even today due to the flavors it imparts to the food. Contrary to popular belief, besides being used for making authentic pizzas these ovens are a wonderful alternative to convection ovens for braising, roasting, baking, etc. as well.


Our range of classic fixed and portable brick ovens can be finished to compliment the aesthetics of any given space; these ovens are available in an extensive range of colors, patterns, textures and finishes for the façade.

A common feature among these ovens is a large mouth that accommodates all sizes of roasting pans, trays, etc. With a large internal cooking area it gives you the flexibility to cook multiple dishes at a time. Our ovens feature a triple layer of insulation to reduce radiant heat loss hence minimizing the amount of wood or gas required to maintain the appropriate temperature for cooking.

Features – 

1. The oven dome is assembled with 40% alumina refractory bricks that are heat-resistant up to 1200°
2. The bricks are laid together by refractory cement that is heat-resistant up to 1600° C.
3. Double layer of ceramic fire blanket insulation heat-resistant up to 1260° C.
4. Pizza stone flooring 3” thick – excellent for heat retention and elongated period of cooking, resistant up to 1200° C.
5. Fixed stainless steel chimney with damper (to control the exhaust).
6. Removable stainless steel door for the mouth of the oven.
7. Ample storage space below the oven for wood.
8. 2 year warranty against assembly defects, (This warranty does not cover the façade or any misuse of the ovens by the client)

Available Range –



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