• Single Auto Deep Fryer

Single Auto Deep Fryer

Features of machine:

1. Easyclean stainless steel surface, luxurious and beautiful

2. Thermostatic control rapidtemperature increase

3. Batteryelectronic ignition (used 1*D batteries)

4. Largecapacity with large stainless steel frying basket

5. Withsafe protect system, when the flame failure the gas will cut off and with aalarm sounding


1.Commercial-grade stainless steel

2.Removable oil reservoir makes cleanup a snap and is easier to filter & store leftover oil
3.Twin food baskets for frying more than one kind of food or multiple batches at once
4.Varying temperature Selection Dials allows to deep fry your food perfectly
5.Immersion deep fryer featured with extended heating pipe heat up more quickly
6.Features include lids that close while cooking, oil filtration systems, and exteriors that don’t get hot

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Company NameKitchenrama
Model NameSingle Auto Deep Fryer
Dimension(W*L*H in mm)390 x 660 x660
Capacity12 Liters
Power11. 2 Kw
Voltage220 V
Number of Tank1 Tank