Quick Pizz – QP 340

QUICKPIZZ QP-340 PATENTED allows such az pizzas in you to cook thin-dough products 90 to 150 seconds depending minimal energy usage on the recipe with a minimal energy usage.

The QUICKPIZZ dimensions are 498 x 401 x 278 mm, with a weight of 12,4 kg which
be set up on a small worktop it works allows it to, with a 230 V / 50 hertz 16 A socket, and needs no special ventilation

After need to set the it is plugged, the hearth needs only 15 minutes to reach a temperature of 300°. You then only TIMER according to the chosen recipe ( between 90 and 150 sec.) to start cooking.

The fresh or frozen. The crust is always crispy and tasty QUICKPIZZ ensures an exceptional quality of cooking for all products, whether they raw, are!


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Company NameQuick Pizz
Model NameQP-340
Dimension(W*D*H in mm)498 x 401 x 278
Voltage230 V
weight12.4 Kg