• Mid Size Popcorn Machine

MACHO POP ,16/18 Oz


This value-priced, mid-size popper adds muscle and
speed to your popping operation. Available in a variety
of models, your choice is simple.

  • #2553  is oil ready front/ back counter
    #2554 is non oil ready front/back count
  •  16 oz E-Z Kleen kettle with clamp-on elements
  •  Big Eye Electronic Heat Control that signals
    operator when popcorn is ready to load/dump
  • All stainless steel frame
  •  Removable glass for easy cleaning
  •  Lighted “Popcorn” sign for front/back counter
  •  Heated corn deck
    Also available: #2554 S Salt/Sweet Switch version,
    #2257 Bag-in-Box (BIB) oil pump & #2114 E bucket
    oil pump
  • Ideal Cart is 3118 ST
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Company NameGOLD MEDAL
Model NameMACHO POP 16/18 Oz
Model Number#2554 EX
#2553 EX
#2554 BCX
#2553 BCX
Capacity16/18 OZ
Dimension(W*D*H in inch)26 x 26 x 37
Voltage220 /240 V
Weight66.591 kg