La Firin Pizza Dough Pre-Mix 1 KG

Our premium Pizza dough mix to make the perfect base for pizza – with the right texture, consistent softness, and the best recipe to create it! Knead with your hands or use a professional planetary mixer, La Firin Pizza Dough Pre-mix gives you the ideal hand-tossed pizzas, every time!

Key Highlights

  • All you need to create the perfect hand-tossed pizza
  • Just add water and oil!
  • Ideal for any type of Pizza
  • Perfect texture, consistent softness, and great taste
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Company NameLa Firin
Capacity1 KG
Shelf Life180 Days
IngredientsRefined Flour, Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Improver, Emulsifiers and Milk Solids
Shipping Weight1 KG