Greta 01/SAE

The model is avaiable in the electronic (SAE)
and semiautomatic (AEP) version.
– Vibrating pump with 4L tank
– Thermo-syphon unit with pre-infusion
– Raised groups with flap rack
– Backlit 4 coffee doses programmable (mod. SAE)
– Boiler with automatic loading
– Pressure switch for boiler temperature control
– Boiler pressure gauge
– Water tap
– Steam tap
– Work top lighting (mod. SAE)
– Varnished steel/plastic body

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Company NameAstoria
Model NameGreta 01/SAE
Dimension(W*D*H in mm)15.5 x 21.46 x 20.08
Voltage120 V
Weight 83.77 Kg