•  Hood-Type dishwashers – EVO Generation
  •  Constructed in stainless steel.
  •  Counterbalanced hood with handle and spring system.
  •  Double rotating wash and rinse system, top and bottom, in stainless
  •  440 mm hood opening (Accepts GN 1/1 trays).
  •  Continuous wash cycle up to 10’.
  •  600 W wash pump providing high water flow.
  •  Rounded tank to facilitate washing and drainage.
  •  Stainless steel armoured heating elements in the wash tank and rinse
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Company NameFagor
Model NameDishwasher
Model NumberAD-125
Dimension (W x D x H)630 x 750 x 1465
Weight144 Kg
Voltage400 /230 V