Western Scooping Parlour Whs425g

Ice Cream Scooping Cabinets

You scream.,,.we scream…we all scream ice cream! Summers are here and everyone is craving for a taste of heaven in the form of sweet creamy ice creams! Kitchenrama’s ice cream scoopers keeps your ice cream frozen and apt to be served at the right temperatures at all times.

Wethers serving them in a waffle cone, a cup or alongside other items like waffles, pancakes, shakes etc., our range of commercial ice cream scoopers are perfect for every culinary business.

Our models comes in various shapes and sizes replete with trays of ice cream scoops for single and multiple servings. You can choose between a traditional ice cream dipping cabinets where your servers scoop the delectable flavors into cones or dishes or they can be sliding glass top freezers where customers can select their own ice cream novelties. Our ice cream scoopers also lets your customers view your flavors and decide which one they want to choose!